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Below are the Mentors/Teachers that have guided Chef Mike to where he is Today. Master Otto Phan of Kyoten (Chicago, Illinois) was the start of it all as he introduced him to the world of Edomae Sushi. Master Hiroyuki Sato of Hakkoku (Ginza, Tokyo) gave resources in sourcing fish from one of the best fish markets of the world (Toyosu Fish Market, Tokyo). With these two power house Practitioners of the art of Edomae Sushi, Chef Michael Che hopes to share their legacy to the world, and combine both technique and sourcing to give the best experience to his customers.

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Otto Phan of Kyoten Chicago Illinois


Hiroyuki Sato of Hakkoku Ginza Tokyo

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Reservations will be released May 26th at 9am for June 1st to Sept 1st. Please click on the link below.

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Thanks to Hiroyuki Sato of Ginza Tokyo, our company (Tsuke LLC) is a Licensed US importer of Japanese Fish and Produce (we essentially skip the distribution & wholesale process in the US, and go straight to the Vendors of Toyosu Fish market). Master Sato San introduced Chef Mike to the legendary vendors of Toyosu Fish Market and plans to use the same exact Vendors he visited every morning during his Apprenticeship in Tokyo. With the likes of Legendary Fish Vendors such as Yamaguchi san (Yamayuki Tuna), Akari & Yoshi san (Kaihou Uni), Shiobara san (Professional of Hikarimono), Kushi san (Professional of Shirako and Hamo), Yoshino san (Professional of Anago), Shima san (Professional of Buri/Bonito), Kamefuku San (Professional of Live Shellfish) just to name a few, will be apart of Tsuke Edomae name as we will be working with them to bring in their expertise to Austin.

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Michael Che

"Ive given it my all, everything I have. Ive put it all on the line for what I love. This isnt just food for me, this is my emotions put onto a plate. You will feel my story through nigiri sushi, you will feel my Pain, Suffering, Happiness, and Bliss. Take a step into my mind and you will truly understand what the power of food has done for me." 

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4600 Mueller Blvd #1035, Austin, TX 78723, USA

(512) 825-3120

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